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The face of Vancouver Island Driving school is Jeff Near, a born and raised Nanaimoite. Jeff has over 30 years of driving experience, 20 of those years driving large commercial vehicles. As a certified licensed driving instructor under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations of British Columbia his goal is to pass along his experience and teach all the skills required to not just pass the driver’s exam but also to be a safe, competent and courteous road user.

What We Believe

Vancouver Island Driving School believes that the most important aspect of a driving school is that we are responsible for promoting and creating a safe and responsible driving culture. The skills and knowledge that accompany your driving lessons do not manifest on their own. In fact, these life-long skills are acquired through a dedicated learning system where the instructor plays a central role. Therefore, using a professional driving academy is important for all new drivers to protect not only themselves and their families, but others on the road as well. Another important factor is using the right instructors. Not all driving instructors are made equal, any bad habits or complacency perpetuated by your teacher may have grave long-term consequences for your safety.

Why Choose V.I. Driving School?

Contrary to what many believe, skipping your driving lessons can not only be dangerous but makes it exponentially harder just to pass your ICBC road test. With Vancouver Island Driving school in Nanaimo, you can rest assured you will get plenty of opportunities to get in a car and drive. Furthermore, you will benefit by experiencing an environment that propagates an attitude of coexistence, positive habits, and quality of life that is essential to our community when it comes to promoting road awareness. Vancouver Island Driving Schools lessons in Nanaimo include learning the essentials such as drivers theory including road laws, signage and recognizing potential hazards. Furthermore, we will teach you a variety of important concepts such as; Right of way, know your position and where you should position your car in every circumstance. Drivers position, how to adjust your seat to promote a proper comfortable ergonomic position to better utilize your mirrors and manage your blind spots. Driving with conscience, so you can understand the importance of safety, respect on the road for yourself and others. When you purchase one of our bundles you will acquire the agility and dexterity required on the road, which comes with extensive practice.

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